Michael D. Adams
1825 S Smithville Rd    
E-Mail: crashadams@hotmail.com

Work History
Freelance 3d printing/ 3d modeling (April 2011 - Present)
-Image Comics-Dynamite Comics-SoWhat!Press-RealArt-ProtoBuildBar-
– Running a small 3d printing and modeling shop, optimizing 3d models and staying mindful of potential problem areas while sculpting.

Viaquest (March 2016 - Present)
–  "Residential Coordinator" Caretaker for the developmentally disabled and Building Manager/Supervisor, I Maintain training in life saving procedures such as CPR and administering emergency medications as well as supervise the completion of paperwork by other staff and monitor problem areas in the home.

Highest Expectations (May 2014 - Sept 2015)
– Caretaker for the developmentally disabled, Since 2014 I've maintained training in life saving procedures such as CPR and administering emergency medications. I completed county required paperwork daily, according to each individuals medical requirements.

Bytegang Worlds – 3d artist (Nov 2010- Nov 2012)
– Character and Environment artist, I produced 3d assets such as vehicles, street lamps, small animals, weapons, and clothing to sell on an asset store to other creators. I produced the work in a timely manner based on a rotational schedule advertised on the website.

Involve3D – 3D Artist (Mar 2008 – Feb 2009)  

-San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation, virtual world experience
Virtual version of the Museum with virtual exhibits that were designed by various people around the world that could then be experienced at a kiosk at the actual museum.

I was responsible for the building and various environmental effects.

-US Holocaust memorial museum
We developed an interactive experience where users could walk through the city and watch it dramatically change to reflect the carnage experienced by Jews on the night of November 10, 1938

I was a general 3d artist on the project, environment props and effects.

-7Day magic bakery
A greek food company approached us for an idea to promote their products with an interactive environment. We build an island with pre recorded voice tracks that triggered when you encountered a character which I was responsible for building. I also helped with infrastructure, architecture etc.
RiversRunRed – 3D Artist (May 2006 – July 2007)   
-Duran Duran Universe: Immersive 3d user experience for fans during the release of a recent album and tour announcement, I developed 3d assets such as buildings, interiors, and props from music videos.

-Philips Design
We were responsible for developing a virtual environment for creators to come together and interact with the company. The idea was to give people a chance to collaborate with Philips with possible future products.

I helped with various environment graphics like shadows under objects, and environment props such as furniture.

Vodafone contacted us with an idea for developing a sort of virtual adventure for customers to explore and learn about the company and it's various plans and features/products within the game engine “secondlife”. I was responsible for designing various buildings and adding layers of realism such as lighting/shading.

-Reebok/Adidas: Virtual store front to promote the new A3 microride and virtual city for the Reebok brand. I built shelving and set up lighting and interfaces for customers as well as infrastructure, buildings etc. Shoes purchased for customer’s avatars came with a discount code for the “In real life” version of the shoe.

-Channel4 BBC: 3d virtual fairgrounds, we developed a 3d space for fans of a set list of shows to chat and explore together. I developed a cavern of giant speakers

-Penguin Press: Snow Crash advert for Penguin Press! I was responsible for building a 3d sign that reflected the cover of the then recently released paperback of Snowcrash. The sign was scripted so you could click on it to be taken to the Penguin Press website to order the book. These were placed at various locations around the virtual world of secondlife.
United States Air Force –Enlisted (Aug 2002 – Jun 2008)  
– Maintained office operations such as inventory, finances, communications, scheduling, human resources, public relations, and staying up to date on information relating to specific office responsibilities so as to remain within regulations.

Fullsail University, Winter Park, FL (Aug 2010 – Jun 2013)  
– Bachelor of Game Art
Ohio Institute of Photography & Technology, Moraine, OH (May 2005 – July 2007)  
– Associates of Multimedia Graphic Design    
I have advanced experience using Photoshop, Maya, and Zbrush.

Kyle Strahm: Artist, Image Comics: 816-516-3922
Marc Stevens: Engineer, Real Art: 937-469-1303