Autodesk Maya: Python Script, Transfer Attributes "Multiple"

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Select one object, then select any number of other objects and this will transfer the UVs from the first to the others.

“import maya.cmds as cm

#grab all the selected objects

selectedObjects =

#save first one into variable

#pop first one out of the selected objects list

driver = selectedObjects.pop(0)

#for each object in the selected objects list

for object in selectedObjects:[driver,object])

#transfer attributes

cm.transferAttributes(sampleSpace=4,transferUVs=2, transferColors=2 )”

Autodesk Maya: MEL script, Reload Textures

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Will reload all textures in the scene.

/* This file downloaded from
’’ File Information:
’’ Script Name: Global File Texture Reloader v1.0
’’ Author: Jared Martin
’’ Last Updated: September 11, 2002
’’ Update/Change this file at:
’’ Please do not alter any information above this line
’’ it is generated dynamically by and will
’’ be changed automatically on any updates.

//Global File Texture Reloader (GFTR) v1.0
//Created by Jared Martin
//Reloads all file textures.

global proc reloader()


global proc reloaderizer()


string $texturename[] = `ls -tex`;
int $nothing =0;
int $count= size($texturename);
string $whole;
while ($nothing < $count)


$whole = $texturename[$nothing] + “.fileTextureName”;
TextureReload $whole;



global proc TextureReload (string $ftn)

string $currFile = `getAttr $ftn`;
if ($currFile != “”) {
int $i;
string $allTextures[] = `ls -textures`;

for ($i = 0; $i < size($allTextures); $i++) {
if (`nodeType $allTextures[$i]` == “file”) {
string $ithFile = `getAttr ($allTextures[$i] + “.ftn”)`;
if ($ithFile == $currFile)
setAttr ($allTextures[$i] + “.ftn”) -type “string” $currFile;