Art Podcast/Vlog

Thinking about starting a podcast/art vlog...basic concept is I sculpt something from a comic book, movie, video game, or film. I record the process and create a video of the sculpting and painting, and I play an interview over top of the video that I previously recorded with someone close to whatever project the toy sculpt is based on. I've spent a lot of years hanging at comic cons and film conventions chatting with actors and creators about their stuff partially to network and find freelance opportunities but also because I'm a big fan of anyone that takes the time to create something new to add to the world and I like hearing people talk about it. Maybe we'll talk bout the toy and what if anything it'll be used for, maybe about the development of the project it's based on, any upcoming releases of expansions for a game or chapters of a book or issues of a comic or a new set a comedian is working on or album a band is about to release etc etc...a lot of room to move around in I think


This isn't the first time I've posted about this but I'm getting a lot closer to being able to start something.