Proto Build Bar

Alright so some life updates, I was laid off from my day job a few months ago and started heavily focusing on freelance sculpting. After a particularly rough month I was invited to a going away party for an old classmate of mine and I decided I could use the distraction so I went. While I was at the bar they chose for this event I met one of my classmate's old friends and after casually mentioning that I own a high resolution 3d printer, her date tells me that he helps run a 3d print shop near where I live called "Proto Build Bar", that it's a new business concept combining coffee shop, bar, 3d printing, and electronics, and I should stop by some time and see him. 

So after a month of back and forth I ended up relocating my printer to his shop and doing a handful of projects for his boss. If you're in Dayton Ohio some time you really should stop by and check out Proto Build Bar, it's a really fascinating concept and if you like 3d printing even a little bit you'll have fun. There's even an oversized crane game they built there that's roughly 12 feet wide.

Pictured here is one of the projects I'm working on for them, a crackable 3d printed heart shape with a built in seem that you place things inside half way through the 3d print and allow it to finish printing sealing the item inside.


Winston and Ray don't seem impressed...