Image Comics action figures

Ever since I was a kid I was drawn to Todd McFarlane's work. I loved everything he did from Spawn to Spiderman, so when he started developing action figures I of course wanted to emulate him and start sculpting too. I later found out it wasn't just Todd but Greg Capullo's work I was drawn to as well but at that point it didn't matter, I had already taken the inspiration I needed to become an artist/sculptor. 

All of that leading up to meeting an Image artist (Kyle Strahm) years later and being asked to develop action figures for his series at Image has been a wild ride. 

So far I've just been involved in developing prototypes and rendering them as variant covers for comic books but I hope to start developing them soon with actual packaging and card art. Really looking forward to it.

Looking forward to seeing where this career path I've set out on will lead me next.