Python Scripting for Maya

I MIIIiiiight create a page on here just to gather cool scripts I find for maya so I can find them later...

So I was running into an issue with a scene where I built the UVs for a whole stack of stuff and placed them in a scene, and then I needed to change the UVs but only for a handful of them but it was a pain to go in and transfer them from one to another over and over so I looked online for a Python script that could do it for me automatically and lo and behold someone had indeed written such a thing.

Just click on the object with the "Correct" UVs, select everything else, then punch that script and blammo! Work done, now go have yourself a sammich.

Huge thanks to nestorprado on tumblr for figuring that out so my lazy butt didn't have to go back to Python 101 to figure it out from scratch.

import maya.cmds as cm

#grab all the selected objects

selectedObjects =

#save first one into variable

#pop first one out of the selected objects list

driver = selectedObjects.pop(0)

#for each object in the selected objects list

for object in selectedObjects:[driver,object])

#transfer attributes

cm.transferAttributes(sampleSpace=4,transferUVs=2, transferColors=2 )