Pixly for Android

I recently started getting requests for pixel art which I'm more than happy to do but as my schedule has been hectic with the new job I was mostly sketching things out in a notebook and then waiting till I was home and awake to crack open photoshop. Since my day job is as an overnight security guard I sometimes have down time where I'm not really doing anything so when I found this app it breathed new life into my old nexus 7 tablet which had been gathering dust for a year.

The fact that this app is free is amazing as it can do anything I use photoshop for pixel art wise albeit with 1 or more steps to achieve the same goal at times. It has ads but only when you save and they're just stationary images not videos. If you donate any amount via the donate button the ads go away. Since I do pixel art meant for print I usually have to go through a few steps to turn my drawings into vector paths in illustrator but Pixly does that for me and a bit more efficiently as I don't have to fiddle with any settings or remove excess pixels or anything like that.

I highly highly highly recommend this app if you own an android device and I really hope they make a PC + Mac versions. 

Check it out!